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What is Ayurveda? Is it Right for Me?

Ayurveda is a System of Holistic medicine that helps us harmonise mind, body and lifestyle with our spiritual purpose.

This logical and practical system of medicine aims to treat the root cause of your complaint. The key is to understand your constitution with nature and balancing diet and lifestyle for your optimum health. Helping you on your journey to a Happy and Healthy life. Below are some key complaints Ayurveda can successfully helps with

Digestive Complaints

Tiredness, Lethargy, constipation IBS

Skin Complaints
Menstrual, Menopausal symptoms
Mental Issues

Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Musculoskeletal Complaints

Ache and pains, Arthritis etc

Mahesh Varu BSc, MSc, PgDip

Mahesh is both a lecturer in Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Nutrition at the University of Middlesex and the College of Ayurveda, and an experienced practitioner. He specialises in physiological and psychological disorders such as digestion, stress, anxiety and depression.


Honest Results

In 1998, Mahesh, searching for a total health solution, discovered Ayurveda: a logical, scientific, holistic healing system. Impressed with his findings, although this meant a career step-change – at that time he was running several Tech companies – he began a seven year journey of formal study.

To balance the theory he spent extended periods in India, working with Ayurveda at cancer hospitals and panchkarma clinics.

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The art of healthy living

Amnanda Process

Physical and Psychological rejuvenation

Marma Puncture

Ayurvedic Puncture

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“Having completed my third session I cannot believe the changes that have taken place not only mentally but also in the way my life has completely turned around. I feel mentally stronger, more positive, confident and my anxiety attacks are now few and far between. Not only have I set up a new business I also start a new job next week. My energy levels are on the up and for the first time in an age I feel more like my old self. The results so far have been nothing short of amazing and I cannot wait to see what will happen once the treatment is completed.”

Sara Rashid

Mahesh has been amazing at no time did he ever give up  on me he never ignored a text phone call and went beyond what i would of expected after meeting Mahesh for help in May 2015 i now class mahesh as a good friend and this year he as been helping me further with treatment to strengthen my body and mind and put me in a better place.
To anybody that as searched for answers and spent large sums of money trying to regain their health and still not found the answer then Mahesh from natural health Welwyn garden city and ohm healthcare  is a man that helps because he cares not because he sees you a money tree. Me and my family are truly greatly for the journey Mahesh helped me through thank you forever.

Neil Taylor

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