Amnanda Process

Amnanda Ayurveda in Welwyn Garden City and Hertford

What is Amnanda?

Rejuvenation through the Amnanda translated from Sanskrit means Path of Joy. Amnanda is the Jewel in the crown in Ayurveda’s tool set.

You can imagine how extremely difficult it can be to treat someone with either an acute or a chronic condition when their situation is stigmatised with trauma, low self-confidence, anxiety, their ability to perform the simplest of task become difficult.

Many if not most who are seeking wellness not just a quick fix but holistic wellbeing find the Ayurvedic treatment journey difficult.

Over the years I have found the Amanda process is a real life changer. Mainly because most of the necessary healing is done in the process bringing most if not all that have undergone the treatment in a position to take control of their well being and outlook. Almost as if they have a reset button and start a new journey.

The Amnanda Process was developed 1400 years ago from a Tibetan tradition of Ayurveda. Originally practiced by monks, it was made available to us through Baba Ramdas Swami, a Tibetan monk and Ayurvedic master. 

The Amnanda Process is an Ayurvedic ‘rasayana’ or regenerating therapy traditionally used to slow down and even reverse signs of the ageing process. It helps release deeply held stress and tension from both body and mind restoring vitality and health.

According to Ayurveda, physical and mental tension leaves a residual trace in our cells in the form of crystalline structures. These residues negatively impact our health, our ability to heal and lead to premature signs of ageing.

Amnanda dissolves these crystalline structures so that regeneration, harmonisation and revitalisation on a physical, emotional and spiritual level become possible.

What does it involve?

The Amnanda Process is a one-year treatment program of twelve relaxing oil treatments. The oils used in Amnanda are specially prepared with herbs and mantra and are applied to the whole body. 

The Amnanda Process is a journey that unfolds over the year – releasing trauma held in different areas of the body and at deeper levels with each successive treatment. Healing begins from the first treatment and each person’s journey is highly individual but always includes renewed enthusiasm, greater clarity and direction in life and restored youthful vitality.  

The cleansing and healing effects of the oil treatments is further supported by drinking two specially formulated herbal teas: Amaiva Green Tea boosts the immune system and Woman/Man Vital Tea helps support the hormonal system. Also, for two months during the year, a tincture is taken daily to strengthen and tone the skin and connective tissues.

Who can benefit from the Amnanda Process?

We are all affected by negative experiences that naturally occur throughout life and the Amnanda Process restores our ability to move through these with greater ease and resilience. There are times though when we feel more challenged or eager to make changes and Amnanda is very beneficial at these times

You want to slow down the ageing process and enjoy good health late into life.
You feel blocked in your happiness by past experiences and want to find greater clarity in your goals for life.
Your quality of life is affected by past injuries and you would like to boost your self-healing capability.
You simply wish to be or become content and happy.